Who is 3vd?

3vdworld cover art 3vd
3vdworld cover art

When you read the word, 3vd, you may think “ whats thrvd,” “threeved,” “three Vee Dee?” Pronounced “third,” 3vd is a mysterious up-and-coming hip-hop artist with a unique sound.

Most artists find themselves on the musical spectrum between melodic and lyrical. Melodic, refers to the way the words sound together. Lyrical, refers to the meaning a song has. 3vd has proven to be an exception. Most listeners may be captivated by his melodic ability. However, 3vd has sent a message to listeners through each of his songs.

Because of his talent and exceptional production from producers, Icytwat, and Lucio Grand, paired with meticulous audio-engineering from Cleveland’s very own Adi Rei, 3vd has of created an amazing, industry-quality sound that most artists have trouble creating.

Listen to 3vdWorld by 3vd Here. Available on all streaming platforms.

We hope to hear more from 3vd soon.

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